Who is behind #helpforhospo?

Initiated by Blair Duncan, MD of Red+White Cellar #helpforhospo has been supported by a number of businesses and individuals who have kindly donated professional services, time and of course financial donations.

Who can apply for #helpforhospo?

Anyone who works within the NZ hospitality industry and needs immediate additional support is able to apply.  Details of your employment are required so that we can verify your employment situation and ensure help reaches those for whom #helpforshospo is designed.

Who is #helpforhospo for?

Hospitality employees. Funds go directly to those who work in hospitality, not the businesses.

How will help be received?

Funds will be disbursed into bank accounts by BDO New Zealand Ltd.

Will all donations go to employees?

Yes. All costs and professional services involved in establishing #helpforhospo have all been covered separately by our sponsors. There are no administrative costs.

How are funds disbursed?

An Independent Disbursement Committee will receive needs-based data with all identifying personal information & employer details removed. They have a mandate to allocate funds to as many people as possible within their means (funds raised).

How much will be distributed?

Recipients will receive a minimum of $100 cash payment into their bank account. In exceptional circumstances, at the discretion of the disbursement committee, an additional payment may be made.

Who is on the disbursement committee?

Employee, Restaurant Association & Hospitality New Zealand representatives.